Fraps Version 3.5.99 Free

Capture your computer screen and save it into video or image file

Fraps is a great utility for capturing screenshots and videos off of your computer monitor. Should you want to prepare a how-to manual, record a presentation for business purposes, prepare a demonstration for academic needs, or share with your friends your amazing achievements and accomplishments on your favorite game, Fraps is the ideal way to go about it.
Fraps suits Windows and can even support games using OpenGL or DirectX technology. Should you wish to capture a photo with Fraps all you'll need to do is press a single button and your photos will be automatically saved and time stamped. With Fraps you can also record audio. When recording a video from your screen you can manually set frame rates from 1 to 120 frames per second.
There's no need to use older, more cumbersome means to accomplish your tasks, with Fraps capturing screenshots and recording audio and video turn simple.
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